SJBYM - Presentation Ministries Youth Ministry

About Us

We are a Catholic youth group that provides a Christ centered environment of prayer and fellowship.

Meet the Team

Nathanael Egan 

Ministry Director

Hello! I have been part of St. John Bosco Youth Ministry for 13 years and it has been a blessing each and every year!  I enjoy playing music and woodworking.  We are proud to provide our youth with a Christ centered community of prayer and fellowship.


Julian Hein

Youth Minister

Hey hey!  Julian here, been in SJBYM for I forget how long and I have been helping lead it for just about the same amount of unknown time (I would guess something like 11 or 12 years now).  I work in IT, which is why I am usually the one running and setting up all the tech at Youth Group and our Plays.  I also do anything else that needs to get done and teach anyone who wants to learn to toss frisbee.



Max Hennessey 

Youth leader/Core Team/Snack Master

Hey my name is Max Hennessey this is my sixth year in Saint John Bosco Youth Group and first on the leadership team.  I am the 7th member of my family to be in SJBYG and one of 3 currently involved in SJBYG.  My hobbies include being on Core Team, playing all manner of sports including bowling, baseball,and football, and acting in the Youth Group plays.  I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity God has given me to be a member of the Core Team and share the Light of Christ. 


Tim Hennessey

Youth Leader/Core Team

Hi! I have been a part of Saint John Bosco Youth Group for seven years, and a member of the core team for three years. I enjoy playing all kinds of sports and video games. I love to hang out with all of the kids and to learn with them. Whether it be performing skits or talking with them in small groups, it is Definitely a blessing to teach them and to watch them learn. 


Matthew Reisiger

Youth Leader/Core Team

Matthew here! I first joined SJBYM at age 12 and have served on the Core Group since I was 16. You may have seen me in a few of the plays over the years, most recently as stage manager and an acting coach for Tobit in the summer of 2017. In my spare time, I read, write, play piano and ukulele, jam to film and game soundtracks, play video games, and above all enjoy spending time with my family and friends. This group has introduced me to some of my best friends, given me the joys of acting onstage, and helped me immensely in my faith journey, and I couldn’t be more grateful!


Sara Auciello 

Youth Leader/Core Team (Social Media)

Hi! I’m Sara, a Sophomore Middle Grades Education major at NKU. I’ve been apart of St John Bosco youth group since 2008, just a few months before I turned 12, and have been on core group since 2012, my sophomore year of high school. You may recognize me from a few of St John Bosco’s many plays, the 2010 version of Tobit, Esther, and The Carpenters Apprentice. Youth group was one of the first things that got me interested in my Catholic faith, the reason that I met many of my lifelong friends, and the background of many of my favorite junior high and high school memories. I can only hope everyone else in our current youth group feels as at home and loved as I did growing up in this wonderful, tight knit, faith filled, community! This year I have had the honor of keeping our Instagram and Facebook pages up to date with videos, pictures, and news about youth group!
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Mary Hein

Youth Leader/Core Team

Hello! I’m Mary Hein, I’ve been a part of this youth ministry for 7 years and this is my 2nd year on core team. Two of the things I like doing are bowling and creating arts and crafts! St. John Bosco Youth Ministry has a fun, loving, and familial atmosphere, which is what first made me love it! That is also why I chose to be on the core team so I could help the next generation of hooligans to keep loving Jesus and value clean fun and friendship.